S.A.L.P. SpA

For over forty years, S.A.L.P. SpA has been one of the leading Italian companies specialized in the implementation of methane, oil, oxygen and water pipelines. It also performs land restoration interventions, even in emergency conditions.


The expertise acquired from a technical point of view together with the highly potential equipment and operating means pushed S.A.L.P. SpA to deal with design and implementation as well as of oil, oxygen and water pipelines, and of workings concerning sewage systems, road works, bank protections, land stabilising, water protections.


S.A.L.P. SpA, thanks to the technical skills acquired, together with the highly potential equipment and operational means at its disposal, operates both in Italy and abroad in the following sectors:

  • PipelineS
  • Plant engineering
  • Technological networks
  • Infrastructures
  • Maintenance


S.A.L.P. SpA, a modern and competitive company, aware of innovation, intended to implement an integrated Quality management system, Environment, Health and Safety, Social Responsibility, with the purpose of appraising further its own activity, its own resources and its own development in an efficient and profitable way, assuring the full satisfaction of the client and aiming to the constant improvement of workers’ health and safety, of hygiene on workplaces and of environment preservation and protection.